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Fuji X100T detailed hands-on review

by | Dec 27, 2014 | Blog, MAARTECH

Fuji continues to expand and improve their lineup. The X100T is a third-generation release of a well-regarded product. When they offered to lend me one to review, I happily accepted.

Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

My sincere thanks to Tom Hanley for composing the music.

The photos are mapped to the video resolution (1920×1080) using “Fit” and 95%All photos (and their EXIF data) can be found at my maartech flickr account. All photos have been processed in Lightroom and nearly all are presented without modification.

My on-camera scenes are shot using a Sony VG20 camera. Beauty and screen shots of the X100T are taken with a Sony A6000. The viewfinder captures are shot with an iPhone 4S (which really does not do justice to the display). Edited on a 5K iMac in Final Cut X 10.1.

As always, if there are any details I’ve overlooked, I welcome (and reply to) your comments and questions

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