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Sony a7R Hands-on Review

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Blog, MAARTECH | 0 comments

A small digital camera with a 36mp full frame sensor and interchangeable lenses. 

I am not an employee of Sony, I was not compensated by Sony, they did not review the video prior to posting. Elaine and Christina at Sony Canada did kindly loan me the camera, lenses and flash for the review. I do my best to provide a balanced report. 

All images were taken with the two Sony full-frame primes, except as noted they’re all 36mp images, so they’re quite overkill for the 1920×1080 video resolution. The zoomed images are 1:1 pixel mappings to 1920×1080. 

Thanks to all of the friends and family who appear in the images included in the video. In particular, Jeff Clarke, my ex-colleague and friend – a much better photographer than I am, as well as an excellent teacher. 

And to Toronto – an exciting and vibrant city full of wonderful and interesting things to do – even in winter. 

There are some images shot on the set of Hacker, with Callan McAuliffe and Lorraine Nicholson to be released later in 2014. Thanks to Tribute Magazine and Alexandra Heilbron for the opportunity to shoot on set. Hand-made Christmas cards by Calla. Other scenes were shot at The Distillery District Christmas Market, St Lawrence Market, The Eaton Centre (the Lego Hobbit display), Nathan Philips Square Skating Rink and Harbourfront Skating Rink. My most grateful thanks to Mother Nature, who provided a wealth of photo ops over the holiday season.

Please watch at the highest possible resolution. Note that if heavily falling snow is smearing (particularly in the Young Centre City Choir scene), that is a youtube encoding or playback artifact – the originals are amazingly clean.

Scenes where the a7R appears on camera were shot with my NEXVG20, all others with the a7R. 

EXIF data for all images used is available on 

All images have been processed from RAW files in Lightroom 5, so they may not fully represent the output of the camera. I’m happy to share the original RAW files for any image, please ask me in a comment. There are some duplicates – mainly in the flash section. I’m sorry.

I edit in Final Cut X. I’m not completely pleased with the latest upgrade. The output process was gruelling, and took over a day before I was successful. It wasn’t easy to squeeze my thoughts about the a7R in under 15 minutes, so I thank you for your attention. I welcome your comments and reply to all.


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