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Fuji X-H1 preview and X-T2 comparison

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Blog, Camera Reviews

Fuji had whispered enough details about an upcoming unannounced model in the works, that I was already very interested to see the new camera. I had it for a few days – enough to do a preview and a  comparison with the X-T2, not enough to do a full review, or to determine what the best video settings would be. Those videos will follow.

The Preview:

The Comparison

I certainly look forward to spending more time with this camera – a few days really whet my appetite to try more of the features and settings and experiment to better understand the how and what.

Yes, it’s been snowing in Toronto – and Saturday we packed up for lunch at Ravine Vineyards (one of our favourite places) in St. Davids near Niagara on the Lake.

Check prices of the X-H1 kits at B&H:
Body only
Body with battery grip kit

Behind the scenes
The on-camera scenes for the preview were shot with the a Fuji X-T2 with the 16-55 lens. For the comparison, with the a Sony A6300. The X-H1 snow scenes were recorded with the Fujinon 16mmFF1.4

Screens recorded with the Atomos Shogun. Viewfinder(s) recorded with an iPhone8. On camera audio with Rodelink Filmmaker wireless kit, voice-over with the Rode NT USB. Edited on a 5K iMac using Final Cut 10.3.4

For your guidance
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My relationship with Fuji: After reviewing and loving the X-T2, Fuji offered me an indefinite loan, with a couple of lenses. In exchange, I assist them with some video production services. I am not paid by Fuji.

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