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Nikon D500 hands on review in 4K (in Paris)

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Blog, GOSMAART, MAARTECH

It’s always pleasant to be able to coordinate a vacation with a camera loan – and taking the Nikon D500 to Paris enabled me to give it a good workout. This review is in 4K

We rented an apartment through ParisAddress (highly recommended) between Opera and Madeleine, a great spot in the centre of the 9th. And very close to the Google offices and YouTube Space Paris. I attended a session and then was able to book the studio – actually the Bistro adjoining the studio – for a morning shoot. The YouTube Paris team was extremely accommodating and gracious.

At 15:55 that the video is blurred. When using the YouTube Spaces (in Toronto or Paris) a producer is required to submit the video to YouTube/Google for approval. They did not approve the version without blurring, and although they did not directly request it to be blurred, they did approve the version as posted above.

Although we mostly stayed in Paris, we did take a day trip to Chartres on August 15 (Mary Ascension Day) and to Bordeaux to see the new Cité du Vin museum.

You will find all the images on flickr.

Behind the Scenes:

The Fuji X-T2 (previewed, full review in progress) also came along, so used it to record the opening and closing scenes. The D500 puts out 4K on the HDMI out – even for the menu. Menus were recorded using an Atomos Shogun – although some options (like time lapse movie) are not available when it’s connected, so they’re recorded with a Sony A6300 with the SEL30M35 macro lens, which is also used for all the camera beauty shots and closeups.

The viewfinder is recorded using an iPhone – the only “camera” I have that has a lens small enough.

On camera, I use a Rodelink filmmaker wireless kit, for voice overs the Rode NT USB. I edit using Final Cut 10.2.3 on a 5K iMac.

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