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No LUT film school

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Blog, Photography

I’m baffled by those who would buy LUTs, when creating your own looks and grades is so easy. Let me eliminate the mystery of LUTs by showing you how to create your own custom grade.

This video was recorded with the assistance of my friend John and his friend Peter who happened to be visiting while we were shooting.

Behind the Scenes
This video was, a you see in the video, recorded using a Sony A6300 with the Sony 16-70 F4 lens. Audio was recorded on a Tascam DR-70D with the Rode NTG-2 shotgun (which was on loan from B&H, thanks to last week’s post). The DSC Chroma duMonde chart was on loan from DSC Labs. I used the OneTakeOnly teleprompter. The camera and computer screens were recorded using an Atomos Shogun. Some of the scenes used were taken from the SD card in the camera, some from the Shogun. Note that the menu screen is output only at 1080 resolution, so those scenes were recorded at that resolution, the remainder at 4K, which allows me to crop the image to my taste after recording. My apologies – the shadow at the top of the screen in the reverse shot (with the window) is from the prompter hood.

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