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Ottawa’s Tulip Festival 2014

by | May 20, 2014 | Blog, GOSMAART | 0 comments

Ottawa Tulips-104To thank Canada for liberating the Netherlands during the Second World War, the Dutch send tulips to Ottawa, the home of Queen Juliana during the war.

The tulip festival website has the details.


Ottawa Tulips-107

I was born in Holland, so I take this very personally. If Canadian soldiers had not liberated Holland, there is little chance I would be here today. I’m now a Canadian citizen, but like all citizens of Holland, I’m deeply thankful for Canada’s role.

Ottawa Tulips-101

Of course the significance is amplified by Queen Juliana’s residency in Ottawa during the war, and the birth of her daughter Margriet. 

Ottawa Tulips-103

We’ve been before and enjoyed the flowers and the activities. This year, a family errand provided an excuse to travel to Ottawa for a day the last weekend of the festival. The endless variety of tulips attracts lots of visitors – the parks are all busy with people enjoying the tulips, and of course taking photographs.

Ottawa Tulips-102

Ottawa Tulips-108 

I’m in the middle of a review of the Sony a6000 camera – and I’m very pleased with the pictures I took.

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