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The Sony A6000 v A5100 shoot-out

by | Oct 20, 2014 | Blog, MAARTECH | 0 comments

While preparing my review of the Sony A5100, it seemed very similar to the A6000 in many aspects, so I started to make a specific and detailed list of the differences.

They are more different than you’d think and considering that their price points are very similar (at one point recently Henry’s in Toronto had both kits available at the same price) it’s hard to make a decision – hopefully the video helps you make yours.

I have posted a complete review of the A6000, Here’s my full review of the A5100. If you are interested in the latest version of this camera, here’s my review of the A6300

Here’s my Amazon affiliate link to the Sony A6000

Here’s my Amazon affiliate link to the Sony A5100

The images used in the video alternate between the A6000 and the A5100 (the first image is A6000). The shutter sound is the actual shutter for each. The photos and EXIF data are available on Flickr. Minor adjustments in Lightroom, which I used to convert A6000 RAW files to JPEG and add the watermark. As there is no RAW input filter for the A5100 available yet, the A5100 images are jpg original. If you need more information, please comment. Images have been scaled to fit the 1920×1080 output resolution of the video at 95%.

Camera menu screen captures have been edited, condensed and sometimes accelerated.

As always, my thanks to Sony Canada and their very helpful staff. They loaned me the A5100 for this review, but did not compensate me nor review the video before I posted it.

Camera menu scenes were recorded on the Atomos Ninja Star using the HDMI out. Additional video scenes (the burst mode scene), using the A6000, the A5100 and the NEXVG20. All edited in FCP 10.1.3.

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