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Panasonic G7 Media Launch Event

by | May 21, 2015 | Blog, MAARTECH

Holding an event at Cluny Restaurant in Toronto’s Distillery District is a great way to get a positive RSVP from me. And of course, I’m very interested to see what Panasonic does next in the digital camera space.

The setting – particularly as we were able to use pre-production G7s to try out the features – was ideal. It’s a large and interesting space full of great architectural details and inviting treats, including colourful and yummy macarons. I was a little too busy doing the video interviews to do much shooting, so I’m very much looking forward to having a review unit in my hands.

My thanks to Environics for the invite, to Tyler Knight for shooting my intro for me, and to Paul and Johan for submitting to my terrible interview technique.

The video is all handheld, shot with a Sony A7-2 with 24-70 lens. (how dare I bring this to a Panasonic event!!!) with the XLRK2M audio adapter. Some recorded using the shotgun included in the kit (Paul’s interview, Trisha’s presentation) and some using a handheld Shure VP64AL (old-school sports interview mic). Edited in Final Cut 10.2.

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