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Seven things you need for a great bicycle ride

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Blog

I’ve held several positions that involve planning and organization, a skill that I think I’m pretty good at. I know the seven things that I need to bring on a bike ride, and here’s a short and humourous look at the list.


This is the first in a series of biking videos we’re calling BikeSmaart. So far we’ve produced four and we’ll be posting them over the next few weeks. I’m also documenting a few more of my favourite trails over the summer.

The intro piano theme and the closing theme is by Calla. The opening guitar strum is Tom Hanley’s. 

Doug shot the video using a Sony NEXVG20, with the kit 18-200 lens. We rented the Manfrotto 546/504 tripod and head from Vistek. I use a Sennheiser ew2 radio mic kit. For voice overs I use an audiotechnica AT2020. Manfrotto tripod (190xb+701hdv. The video is edited in FInal Cut X on an iMac. The font for supers is ITC Franklin Gothic Demibold.

Yes, the fall is genuine. No, I didn’t hurt myself.

As always, I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions and will read and reply.

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