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The MaarTech Promo Video

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Blog, MAARTECH

Everytime I login to my youtube channel, I get a pop-up encouraging me to post a promotional trailer for my channel home page (

I have no idea how to describe or promote the grab-bag of videos and interests that I have, so really didn’t have any interest in pursuing this. However, a few weeks ago, I was talking to myself about myself and my dissatisfaction with myself on-camera. All of this third-person thinking got me to thinking that answering the question “What do you think about the actor who portrays you in the MaarTech videos?” might be an interesting promo for the channel. 

At first, I just thought I’d do a “talking head” interview, but then realized it would be more fun if the actor who plays me was in the background of the shot. I borrowed the director’s chair from Tribute Magazine (thanks, Alexandra), Doug came over for lunch, Kim and Calla helped out, and we were done in about an hour. 

Next, I should probably interview the actor who plays me in the videos about Maarten the writer/director.

Always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I read and respond to all replies and comments.

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