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Sony alpha ILCE 3000 hands on review

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Blog, MAARTECH

New camera models are coming fast and furious from Sony. The ILCE 3000 joins the alpha series as the entry level model.

I am not affiliated with Sony, but I was given the opportunity to loan the camera for a few weeks to review it. My thanks to Christine and Elaine at Sony for their support.

I was disappointed that the camera did not have an HDMI out, which makes the screen captures from the a3000 of lower quality than I’d like. They’re shot using an NEX VG20.

The images used in the video are available at if you would like to view the EXIF data. The first set of images were taken at the AI Weiwei exhibit at AGO. Feel free to post comments with questions if you need more detailed information about any of the images or video scenes.

Video production notes:

As presented in the video, the a3000 images are presented as the JPEG files directly from the camera, they have not been further manipulated. They are resized in Final Cut X using spatial conform to “fit”. I’ve further scaled them to 95% to give them a border. The closeups of the images are with FCX’s spatial conform set to “none”. This provides a 1:1 pixel mapping from the original image to the video. The youtube video above is at 720 resolution.

The slide sequence was created in iPhoto. Music was created in Garage Band. Doug shot the scenes of me using the a3000 with the NEX VG20 on his balcony.

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