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My bags are packed …

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Blog, MAARTECH

because tomorrow I plan to be leaving on a jet plane (AF 351 to be specific) to Paris. France.

Calla and I have entered an Air France contest that required us to enter by last Friday and then to show up tomorrow morning at David Pecaut Square with luggage, passports and our Air France boarding pass – from where we’ll be whisked away to the airport and to Paris on Air France flight 351. The prize includes four nights at the Best Western Folkstone Opera (super excellent downtown location).

I’m not sure whether it’s a random draw or if our participation tomorrow is a factor, but Calla and I are bringing our A game to this party. We are planning to impress the Air France crew with our enthusiasm, energy and our willingness to be social media butterflies, tweeting and blogging every exciting moment of our adventures from Paris.

p>And we have some exciting plans – Berthillon (of course), Pain et des Idees at Canal St. Martin, the museum at Quai D’Orsay, riding on the Velib, the Sunday afternoon organ concert at Notre Dame, Versailles, Parc de la Villette, getting up early for photos along the Seine, going up to Montmartre after dark to watch the city lights and then to the Eiffel tower for the hourly sparkling light show. We have a long list of restaurants including Peret on rue Daguerre, Chartier, Verjus Bar a Vins … I could go on.

One more sleep and then we’re off.

Update: A lovely couple celebrating their anniversary on October 24th won. I’m sure they’ll have an absolutely spectacular time.

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