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1UP USA Rack and bikes with fenders

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Blog

A few viewers commented and questioned how to put a bike with fenders (like my daughter’s Kona Africa Bike) on the 1UP USA Rack.

In the video, although I demonstrate putting it on, the last step – tightening the arm against the wheel – is not shown. There are two solutions. 

racked africabike 1

Fast and easy: If we’re not going far (or if I’m being lazy), I put the bikes front wheel to the far edge of the tray and tightent the front arm. Then I just pull the rear arm over the plastic fender. This feels sturdy enough, but it may not be ideal if you’re driving across the country or over bumpy roads. So … 

racked africabike 2

You’ll need a wrench for this one. If you move the wheel holding pin in the rear wheel arm down it slips just under the rubber splash guard. This holds the bike in place more firmly than the solution pictured above.

I’ve also been following the self-driving car news with interest.

I hope this helps. I do reply to all comments.


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