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Canon’s SL1 (small light one) DSLR as a travel camera

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Blog, MAARTECH

I’d written a travel photography story for The Star which ran on a page with an ad for the Canon SL1, promoting it as a travel camera. I had a trip to Cancun in the works (also for The Star) and thought I might like to try the SL1. A few emails later, it was sitting on my doorstep.

Note that I am not a Canon employee, was not compensated by Canon, nor did they have the opportunity to review this video before posting. The camera was on loan and has been returned to Canon.

This was all self-abuse – I set up the NEXVG20 on a tripod, pointed it in my general direction and hoped for the best. The images where I’m on camera are shot with the VG20, the remainder with the SL1. The airport scenes were shot in Miami between flights. The majority of the images were shot in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. There are also scenes from the Ravine Vineyard Harvest Dinner (highly recommended), a family birthday and a trip to Curacao.

I was the fortunate guest of the Paradisus Cancun and Paradisus Playa del Carmen. I’d happily return to either at a moment’s notice. The links above will take you to my extensive reviews. My thanks also to Canon and their Canadian media relations team at Edelman. Note that the Canon strap in the video is from my collection and does not come with the SL1.

All images are available on flickr, where you can see the EXIF data if you like.

Please comment if you have any questions, I do monitor and reply to all. 

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