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Sony NEX6 hands on review

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Blog, MAARTECH

Travel writing requires a camera, so when The Star sent me to Curaçao, I asked Sony if I could borrow something small and light with a wide angle lens. Sony graciously lent me an NEX6 camera with the SEL1018 wide angle lens.


The scenes where I appear on camera were shot at the Santa Barbara Resort with my NEX VG20 camcorder, which I pointed in my general direction. I had a buy a bigger suitcase to take my Manfrotto tripod along. The images and remaining video were shot with the NEX6, mostly with the Sony SLE1018 wide angle lens, which I really enjoyed – although I would recommend comparing it with the Zeiss 12mm Touit lens before you buy one. And the introduction of the full frame e-mount cameras (a7, a7R) are making it a little more difficult to purchase cropped e-mount lenses. 

Most of the screen captures have been edited and speeded up for the video.

Some photos were taken in Cancun (another travel assignment the previous week), the biking scenes were recorded at Punta Venado – there’s a bikesmaart video on that topic.

Thanks to Adam at The Star for assigning me to review this resort. Thanks to Lisa at D!amond Public Relations for making the arrangements. And the staff at Santa Barbara for making my stay an extraordinarily pleasant one.

Thanks to Christine and Elaine at Sony for their assistance and the loan of the camera and lens.

Thanks to Tom for providing the original guitar accompaniment. And to Kim, without whom I’m lost. 

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