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Fuji X30 Hands On Review

by | Oct 26, 2014 | Blog, MAARTECH

The Fuji X30 is a premium compact camera that takes great pictures, but has a few shortcomings.

Fuji had invited journalists and loyal customers to drop by their Toronto offices to see what they’d been showing at Photokina. A very interesting event, with lots to see. While I was there, Fuji offered to lend me the X30. It’s likely a little less camera than I would choose, but all Fuji models have a certain charm that makes them interesting and unleashes more creativity than other cameras.

I roamed around Toronto – Yorkville on a rainy evening, Ossington on a sunny afternoon and took it along to see Lear in Stratford. My apologies for the silly French accent – but it’s part of the way this camera changes your mindset. And so many black and whites …

The photos (with EXIF data) are on flickr. The X30 doesn’t have HDMI out, so it’s hard to get good shots of the menus. Billy at Fuji told me to put my iphone in the viewfinder – that’s how those scenes are recorded. The images are pretty much as shot, with a few crops or minor adjustments in Lightroom.

As always, I’m not an employee of Fuji, they don’t compensate me and the camera is on loan for the review. They did not have the opportunity to see the review before I posted.

Edited in FCP 10.1.3. Music from Magic Garage Band.

If there are details that I’ve overlooked, please comment and ask. I do read and respond to all comments.

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