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Sony RX10 II (DSC-RX10m2) hands on review in 4K

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Blog, MAARTECH | 0 comments

I’d read several very positive reviews of the RX10, which I did not have the opportunity to review. The updated model two added even more functionality to an already crowded feature list.

Here’s a link to check the current price at B&H
Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II Digital Camera

Or for the new RX100 mark 3 (available for pre-order starting March 31, 2016)
The opening scene, and the shots of the coloured metal statues are taken at the Bridgepoint Health Centre. The sculpture garden overlooks the Don Valley.
During the review I attended two of the third year “final recital” performances at Humber College’s Music program, Stephen Rush and Mackenzie Meyer. These concerts happen pretty much daily from February to April in the campus auditorium. I’m always delighted by the talent and versatility demonstrated by the students across a wide variety of instruments and musical genres. I thought it was interesting to provide a real-world demo situation, but realize now it may be distracting – comments below, please.
DSC Labs kindly made their studio and test charts available to do the profile comparisons.
The pasta making is in the kitchen at Ravine Vineyard in St David’s. The beautiful food shots are from GoodFork in Toronto. The profile shots are taken at the Aga Khan Museum.
Doug White was the cameraperson for my on-camera scenes.
The video is produced in 4K. The screen captures from the RX10 II are up-rezed from HD.
The on camera scenes were shot with a Canon XC10 (on loan) (in 4K). The screens were recorded (in HD) using an Atomos Shogun. On camera audio using the RodeLink Filmmaker wireless kit, voice over using a Rode NT.
Images were processed – minimally, from mostly JPEG originals – in Lightroom. They’re available on flickr with their EXIF data if you’re curious.
Edited in Final Cut 10.2.3 with a direct 4K output and upload to Youtube.
If there are details I’ve overlooked, or you have other questions or suggestions, I do read and respond to all questions and comments.

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