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Toronto Subway Art Tour

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Blog, MAARTECH

A new video, in which I go exploring for art on the TTC, trying to answer the question, “DId Leslie hook up with Sheppard?”

On the first day we tried to shoot we were apprehended by TTC security and told to get a permit.

We contacted the TTC are were told we didn’t need a permit, but to be discreet and act like tourists. That meant not using a tripod, which even after in camera and FCX stabilization, leaves a few wobbly* shots. So, on our second outing, we managed to stay under the radar. We asked about copyright for the art, but were told that the TTC owns all the works and we could use them as long as they were fully credited. After the video, an appendix catalogues the works displayed – as the question most often asked in preview screenings is “where’s that?”, the station names are provided.

Beware, as humour is attempted. And note that although the content is pretty comprehensive, not all stations and installations are included.

Tech details: Shot on a Sony VG20, edited in Final Cut X (I’m finally starting to feel comfortable). I use the Sennheiser ew100 wireless mic.

I’m always interested in your comments and reply to all questions.

*It was an interesting exercise, as the stabilization seems to add wobbles and artifacts of it’s own. 

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